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Paradise Views Landscaping


Paradise views landscaping BBB accredited

Front entrance design using natural stone and plantings.

Incorperating wood elements or structures, water features and plantings to create serene and functional backyard patios, pools, front entances and interlock driveways or walkways. Using interlock, flagstone and retaining walls.

 backyard out door living space containing seat walls, circular stairs, interlocking stone and freash cut sod

We specialize in hardscapes or stonework.  See the gallery for design concepts and past projects.

 front entrance design build project containing short circular retaining wall with circle steps, interlocking stone patio and large garden with two small planting areas inset

Residential landscaping company

Toronto interlock driveway or off street parking pad in the lakeshore area with small border planting area and small retaining wall planter against the house and square cut flagstone steps

Residential interlock driveways or parking pads

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 Toronto Snow Removal Services Etobicoke Snow Plow Company

Paradise Views Snow removal. Toronto snow removal and ice melt services. Etobicoke plow company providing commercial snow clearing with all inclusive salt packages.

"Paradise Views Landscaping Toronto and Etobicoke snow removal services Now serving Bolton, Mississauga, Ontario, and Woodbridge."

Providing the best snow removal service by offering 8 hour time limit, meaning that within 8 hours following a snowfall, we will have already removed or cleared your snow and salted. This is an attractive feature for businesses with lots of traffic.  We are a commercial, industrial and condo snow clearing company that takes high quality service very seriously, so if this seems like the right choice for you call Mike Dasilva at 416-560-9501.

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Toronto snow removal

Toronto snow removal and ice melt services Etobicoke, Ontario providing snow clearing with salt packages. 

For free estimate call Mike 416-560-9501

Toronto snow removal and plowing services based in Etobicoke Ontario providing snow clearing, ice melt or salting services to commercial industrial and condo sites