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Front entrance design using natural stone and plantings.

Incorperating wood elements or structures   Decks and FencesCopthorn interlock patio

 water features and plantings to create serene and functional backyard

Patiosdimensional seat wall

 Pools fiberglass swimming pools

front entances and interlock drivewaysinterlock driveways toronto etobicoke

or walkways. Using interlock, flagstone and Retaining wallsArmor stone retaining walls and natural stone steps.

We specialize in hardscapes or stonework.  See the gallery for design concepts and past projects.

Residential landscaping company

Residential interlock driveways or parking pads

Landscaping Services

 Welcome to Toronto landscaping

Paradise Views landscaping Toronto's design build contractors. Creating beautiful outdoor living spaces to enhance the quality of life for your family and friends.

Driveways or off street parking pads are a necessity in the city of toronto although the city of Toronto is no longer giving out permits for new driveways except under certain circumstances. Old asphalt drive ways may be changed to interlock and permits will be given quickly because the city of Toronto promotes interlock as their perferred paving surface because it is permeable.


Paradise views landscaping Toronto's landscape design build contractors since 2001 creating beautiful outdoor living spaces, patios, front entrances, driveways and walkways, pools, decks and other wood features. we pride ourselves on providing high quality installations at competitive prices.

town hall basalt interlock driveway

thornbury driveway

interlock driveway

brussels interlock driveway

interlock border on driveway

copthorn interlock driveway

brussels driveway with copthorn border

copthorn with Courtstone interlock border driveway

Thornbury Interlock driveway

Thornbury Interlock driveway with natural stone curbs

Thornbury Interlock driveway with natural stone curbs

Thornbury Interlock driveway with natural stone steps

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